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What to Expect

For all drug testing procedures:

  • You must have a government-issued photo ID. (Unless testing is for personal use, or an anonymous test is requested) If you are unsure, please confirm prior to your appointment.
  • In order to ensure continuity, standard procedures are followed by our testers. It is vital that all instructions are adhered to and understood. If necessary, please provide an interpreter.
  • If you are going to be late or miss your appointment you must contact us ASAP. We will do our best to accommodate or reschedule, but note that costs may be applied to missed or late appointments.

We enforce a respectful workplace policy. Absolutely no mistreatment of our collectors will be tolerated. A test may be terminated at any time by the discretion of the tester and it may result in a failure to test.

All urine tests:

  • Jackets and other OUTER clothing must be removed
  • Pockets should be emptied. Our collectors will secure your personal items during testing. Or you can leave your items with someone outside of the testing area.
  • You will need to provide a fresh sample at the time of testing.
  • The tester will then check the sample for temperature, volume, colour, odour, and any signs of tampering. If the tester finds any abnormalities a second sample will be taken, and a direct observation may be required.

In the event you are unable to provide a sample, you will be required to stay under observation for up to three hours or until an adequate sample is provided.